We offer a battery of ready to use IPs in the area of power management ICs. With design experience in variety of process technologies from low voltage (CMOS 180nm, 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 28nm, 16nm) to BCDMOS (1.8V, 5V, 12V, 40V devices) and HV (100V-600V), QwikChip is capable of offering highly integrated power management solutions on  a chip for various applications such as Mobile Phones, PCs, Automotive, Consumer and Industrial. At QwikChip, we thrive at delivering highly efficient, smaller size and low cost products using our in-house developed state-of-the art IPs. We offer products and IPs in the following areas:

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Power Management

  • Switching Regulators – Buck /Boost
  • Linear Regulators
  • State of Art Digital controllers for LDOs and SMPS: These are synthesizable, Time based, RTL  controllers for SMPS and LDO. These do not require an ADC and hence are suitable modern low geometry and FinFet processes.  Also, theses controllers can be customized as per user applications to include low power modes, auto tune component variation etc.
  • Current and Voltage References
  • Voltage/Current Detectors
  • Pre-Drivers
  • Integrated Powerfet
  • Time Based controller.

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MOSFET Drivers:

Half and Full Bridge MOSFET switches with integrated gate drivers and current sensing.

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LED Drivers :

LED drivers for mobile applications (camera flash, backlight, indicator LEDs), LED drivers for offline lighting applications (bulbs, LEDs, street lights, automobile headlights).

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General purpose Analog IPs

  • Band Gap References/ Current References
  • LVDS I/Os
  • Amplifiers
  • DAC
  • ADC (SAR/Continuous Time Sigma Delta)
  • Oscillators (Relaxation, xtal and LC)


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